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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Vice President of Finance (VPF)
Corporate Controller
Corporate Accounting
Corporate Development
Mergers & Acquisitions
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Institute of Management Consultants USA
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Code of Conduct

GAAP™ will:

        only undertake a search if the Partners believe they are capable of completing the search to the client's satisfaction.

        conduct the finance exectuive search with GAAP™ Partners and/or Consultants; work will not be sub-contracted.

        treat all information provided by the client as totally confidential.

        provide the client with germane marketplace intelligence that is gathered during the course of conducting the search.

        provide a comprehensive and forthright assessment of each candidate presented; only viable candidates that GAAP™ can support 100% will be presented.

        provide the client with references on the finalist candidate.

        provide the client with regular reports on the progress of the finance recruitment search.

        assist the client negotiate with the finalist candidate, and at all times during the dialogue act with professionalism, integrity and discretion.

        act at all times in the best interests of the client.

        guarantee that we will not recruit any employee from a client for a period of five-years after the conclusion of our last search assignment.

        provide transition, onboarding and retention support, guidance and coaching to the client and the selected candidate.