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Candidate Resources

If you would like to submit your resume in total confidence, please forward it to resumes@gaapsearch.com. One of our Consultants will contact you when suitable opportunities develop that you might want to discretely explore.

Can you also visit our blog for timely and insightful career advice.

Why a blog?

We call you, you call us, we talk. We want to do more. We want to connect with you and add value. We want to have dynamic, creative dialog with all of you, our clients and prospects, on-the-job executives, candidates facing a third round of interviews, and those who are passively exploring new opportunities.

We're all part of a broad, eclectic network that we would like to bring together. We want to share ideas and insights, and maybe an opinion or two (or three!). There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in our world. Let's share it and expand it. Let's co-create this channel and harness our collective experience and genius. We're living in a "connection economy" as Seth Godin describes in his top-selling book The Icarus Deception. So let's do it!

What will we find on this blog? Here are a few topics that interest us. We hope they will interest you as well.

  • What are the essential core leadership competencies for the 21st century? Strategic and analytical thinking; adaptability; and agility should probably top the list.

  • What retention strategies can you use to keep your top performers and high potentials from leaving? We'll share some effective strategies that actually work. Hints: Communicate. Recognize. Empower. More to follow.

  • People change jobs. It's inevitable. Expect it. Do you plan for it? Succession planning is another retention and motivation tool. If you want to hire people with career runway, then you've got to provide a runway that is visible, strategic and competitive. Is yours?

  • Goal setting is all but mandatory and everyone knows about developing SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-sensitive. But did you know that goal setting can actually be detrimental? We think there may be an opportunity cost associated with goal setting. We'll explore that.

So, please so visit our blog and tell us what interests you.

If you are interested in developing your Strategic Career Brand please visit our partner at Career Lion, a trusted provider of personal career branding, management and development solutions. Career Lion's advancement strategies, communications, advice and services have been instrumental in helping individuals from a myriad of industries to significantly further their careers, achieve goals and enhance their lives.